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An English paper evaluating i-GIP2020 has been published.


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A qualitative evaluation of the impact of the inochi Gakusei Innovators’ Program 2020 (i-GIP 2020) on the participants has been published in the international journal Cureus. The theme of i-GIP 2020 is “Building a society that can live with developmental disorders”. We asked three groups of people (junior and senior high school student participants, university students who managed the program, and cooperators) what kind of change in their attitudes/words/behaviors toward developmental disorders occurred through this program.
As a result, they reported changes in their understanding of developmental disorders, personal growth, and tolerance toward others, such as “I used to think of them as scary/weird, but I no longer think of them as scary,” and “I now have a desire to make society easier to live in for people with developmental disorders and minority groups.
Because the i-GIP focuses on interviews with people with developmental disorders, it is thought that the stigma of developmental disorders among participants was reduced and their active participation in the program led to the acquisition of solid knowledge, which in turn led to changes in their attitudes and behaviors.
For more information on the paper, please see this Medical Governance Research Institute press release.

The results of this study were published in Cureus on January 4, 2024.
【English Title】Evaluation of a Problem-Solving Program on Developmental Disorders: A Qualitative Appraisal
【Paper’s URL】https://www.cureus.com/articles/210293-evaluation-of-a-problem-solving-program-on-developmental-disorders-a-qualitative-appraisal#!/
【Authors】Nanami Murata • Soma Sagara • Rinhi Higashiguchi • Yukine Hori • Yi Ning Tan • Yasuhiro Kotera • Akihiko Ozaki

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