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WAKAZO’s LAST WORDS project conducted an event at Shibuya QWS.


Event Report

LAST WORDS, WAKAZO’s project about the view of life and death, held an event at Shibuya QWS in Shibuya Station on Sunday, October 15. The same event was held twice at the common space in Shibuya QWS.

This time, we did an activity called “Life Chart”. In the life chart, participants were asked to look back on their lives and think about what emotions they had at different moments in their lives, and drew the lines up and down. Then, based on the life chart, they thought about where they wanted to be in the end and what words they wanted to leave there, in other words, their LAST WORDS. Then, they wrote LAST WORDS to the flowery-shaped paper and put them on the tree-like big paper. The tree of life was made by all the participants and staff members. About 50 people participated in this event, including families with children, students, working adults, retirees, and people with disabilities, all of whom had lived various lifestyles. They sent us LAST WORDS, each with its own personality and from their own backgrounds.

Participants also shared their thoughts about life and death with each other, and we received many good comments such as “I was given new values” and “I would like to come back again.

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