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WAKAZO has developed the Donation Box


To Our Supporters

At the ‘Great Santa Run 2023’, WAKAZO will conduct a demonstrative experiment, the ‘inochi Pay-It-Forward Project,’ aimed at realizing a new future society. Participants will donate data during the Santa Run, contributing to saving lives.

The ‘Donation Box’ developed by WAKAZO enables this innovative form of charity. Since healthcare data such as heart rate is intangible and hard to visualize, it’s not easy to feel the impact of donating data. The Donation Box aims to create a tangible experience of donating, thereby increasing interest in data donation. To use it, one first measures their healthcare data and records it in a dedicated app. By holding a smartphone near the Donation Box, the data is donated to universities and institutions, where it’s used to save lives. We will begin implementing the Donation Box at the Tokyo Great Santa Run on 11/19 and the Osaka Great Santa Run on 11/26.

For more detailed information about the inochi Pay-It-Forward Project, please visit https://wakazo-expo.com.

You can download the application here.

Shiny Donation Box

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