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i-GIP beyond holds a demonstration experiment on Awaji Island.


To Our Supporters

In early June 2023, a prototype of a card game for learning prenatal and
postnatal child-rearing information in a fun way was completed, which was the
winner of the inochi Gakusei Innovators’ Program Tokushima 2021.
On June 10 of the same year, a test play was held at the City General Welfare
Hall in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture, with seven couples participating in a
prenatal course.
In a post-lecture survey, all participants answered that they had learned the
importance of relying on others, and one 33-year-old pregnant woman
commented, “If I feel anxious, I will consult someone instead of worrying alone. I
will not worry alone.” On the other hand, one participant commented, “The
content was vague, so I didn’t understand some parts.” We will continue to
improve the program through repeated interviews with midwives and people
who have experienced childbirth.
This activity is supported by i-GIP beyond.

*i-GIP beyond: An internal organization of inochi that supports social implementation of ideas generated by the inochi Gakusei Innovators’ Program.

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