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  • 先端技術見学が開催されました/We had a virtual field trip to learn about advanced technologies.

先端技術見学が開催されました/We had a virtual field trip to learn about advanced technologies.


Event Report


ご講演①  MBT担当教授 細川洋治先生

ご講演② 筑波大学国際統合睡眠医学研究機構機構長・教授 柳沢正史先生

ご講演③ 株式会社ナノエッグ 代表取締役社長 山口葉子先生

In this program, we had three lecturers come to give us valuable talks on their approaches regardless of the themes we tackle in projects in each region. As the event was held jointly in all regions, there was also a social gathering, which was a good opportunity to communicate with GIP members in other regions.

Lecture 1: Dr. Yoji Hosokawa, Professor of MBT

He spoke about his own experiences as a student and what MBT does in the new concept of community development based on medicine. The stories of his activities in various fields were full of surprises.

Lecture 2: Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa, Professor and Director of International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine, University of Tsukuba

He talked about the importance of quantity and quality of sleep, the negative effects of lack of sleep, and the mysteries of sleep, using concrete data. In the lecture, we learned lots of important things in problem solving.

Lecture 3: Dr. Yoko Yamaguchi, President and Representative Director, Nanoegg Inc.

She gave a lecture on the efforts of Nanoegg Inc. that is thoroughly particular about originality. We realized that it is important to sympathize the persona in improving QOL of people.

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