inochi WAKAZO Forum 2023

「想い、紡ぎ、輝くいのち」をテーマに掲げ、2023年12月3日に開催されるフォーラム。YouTube配信と中之島フェスティバルタワー・ウェスト4F中之島会館にて開催。i-GIP で数ヶ月間、睡眠時無呼吸症候群に取り組んできた中高生のプレゼンテーションを第一部に、世界中の人々を巻き込みながら「死」という観点から「いのち」を考え、「いのちを守り合う循環」を生み出してきたWAKAZO提供のパネルディスカッションを第二部に据えてお届けします。

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inochi WAKAZO Forum 2021

This forum was held online on November 21, 2021. Young innovators gave passionate presentations on their achievements of the year. Furthermore, we declared our action plans for Osaka Kansai Expo 2025 and had a panel discussion on future society.

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Inochi World Expo Forum 2020

This was an online forum held in 2020. We had a special discussion with front runners from academia, industry, government and private sectors who were taking actions for Osaka Kansai Expo 2025, on how we can 'design future society for our lives'.

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Exchange Diaries for Our Lives

1,000 students who want to work in a healthcare wrote 'Why they live' and 'What they would like to try hard during COVID-19 pandemic' in a notebook and shared to encourage each other to pursue their dreams in this pandemic.

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inochi WAKAZO Channel

This is our official YouTube channel. Various interesting videos are uploaded.

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