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We inochi WAKAZO project is a group of next-generation innovators mainly led by medical students from all over Japan.

We, as young people, will build a future society that saves lives through the united efforts of industry, government, academia, the private sector.

  • Mission

    To create a society that saves lives through the power of us.

  • Value

    Educate next-generation talent to save inochi.
    "inochi's cultivating new people"

    Generate economic activities to save inochi.
    "inochi's craftsmanship"

    Co-create with us all over the world to lead the Expo of inochi.
    "inochi's city building"


I used to do research in the Republic of Palau. I was alone in the country, and I was nervous, but there was a coordinator from the Ministry of Health of Palau who was kind to me. One day I went to see him at his office and was suddenly informed that he had passed away. It was sudden cardiac death. He was a young man who had been fine just a few months before, and now he was suddenly going to die. I cried in front of the office for a while. It was a moment when I learned firsthand about the current situation in the world.

The number of cardiogenic cardiac arrest cases in Japan exceeds 70,000 per year. I want to do something about this problem. If we want change, young people must speak up and act first. Half of the world's population is made up of young people under the age of '30s. Not only cardiogenic cardiac arrest, but I believe that Japan's healthcare sector will be force the challenge soon. It is necessary to make the right changes in a bottom-up, "people's" driven manner, while incorporating technology.

I am happy to have this opportunity to propose, learn, and act on the future of healthcare, starting with young people. Let's create the future of healthcare from here together.

Mr.Masayuki Teramoto

Graduate from School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University, Doctor, and Director of the general incorporated association: inochi Mirai Project.

He has engaged in the field of public health and preventive medicine since his student days. After studying abroad in a developing country, he launched the inochi student project and served as its representative. He studied at Harvard University, was selected as one of the Global Shapers at the Davos Forum, and won the Japan Student Services Organization Grand Prize. After graduation, he worked at Osaka University Hospital, WHO, and Harvard Medical School.

Organization, Supporters

General incorporated association: inochi Mirai Project


This is a project to think about the importance of inochi and the future of inochi, and to carry it out. This is a project that will involve the public and patients as well as the medical profession, business and government. The aim is to make Atlantic a city and a country where people can live a long and healthy lives, while supporting each other.
The inochi WAKAZO Project is a student support group of the inochi Mirai Project and works independently with support from the for-profit association. The inochi WAKAZO Project is the student support division of the inochi Mirai Project, and works independently with support from the incorporated association.

  • Yoshiki Sawa

    The head of Directors

    Yoshiki Sawa

    Distinguished Professor,
    Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, Director of Osaka Police

  • Fumiaki Ikeno


    Fumiaki Ikeno

    Stanford Biodesign Advisory Director

  • Tomohiro Morio


    Tomohiro Morio

    Tokyo Medical and Dental University Faculty of Medicine,
    Courses on Biological and Environmental Response, Professor

  • Masaya Nakamura


    Masaya Nakamura

    Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Keio University
    School of Medicine, Professor

  • Rika Tanaka


    Rika Tanaka

    Juntendo University, School of Medicine, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Full-time associate professor

  • Ryosuke Takahashi


    Ryosuke Takahashi

    Graduate School of Medicine
    and Faculty of Medicine Kyoto University, Neurology, Professor

  • Hiroaki Miyata


    Hiroaki Miyata

    Faculty of Medicine Keio University, Professor

  • Kan Suzuki


    Kan Suzuki

    The University of Tokyo, Keio University, Professor

  • Masayuki Teramoto


    Masayuki Teramoto

    Graduate from School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Osaka university, Doctor

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